Aja Consulting Engineering

Why Aja

Aja Engineering Consultants Company was established in1994 as an Architectural design office, the company has done a lot of design work for modern urban and residential projects(buildings or villas) and does integrated surveying. The company is considered one of the specialized office in thefield of engineering design for residential buildings and villas as well as supervising their implementation and their application.
The office includes a group of specialized cadres in the areasin which the office operates (architecture and city planning - construction - space - electricity - mechanics) and that makes the office able to accomplish any work assigned to this Domains
- architecture
- Structural engineering
- City planning
- Electrical engineering
- Soil engineering and materials
- Geology engineering
- Irrigation engineering
- Surveying engineering
- Project management
- Hydrology engineering
- Torrent drainage engineering
Aja Engineering Consulting Company has previous pioneering work in the field of hydrological and hydraulic studies to wardo the dangers of torrents, pool treatments, flooding and means of drainage, and studies of water drainage networks

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